5 Places In Your Home That Could Use a Piece of Pet Art


It's often obvious when you walk into a pet friendly home, even without the physical presence of pets greeting you with tail wags at the front door. The signs are everywhere, from the fur often cascading across the floor to leashes hung next to the keys just inside the front door. Pet friendly homes often just feel joyous, a place brimming with love and enthusiasm. 

If this sounds like your home, you should consider upping the ante by adding a custom piece of pet art to your home decor. Nothing says "I love my pet" more than showcasing them prominently on the walls of your home. But choosing a place can be hard, right? We're here to help with that! We've compiled a list of the 5 places in your home that we think could really use a piece of pet art. 

#1) Over The Mantle

We'll start with the most obvious place - over the mantle. Historically, placing a painting over the mantle has signified a place of honor and respect. It's one of the largest focal points in the entire house, and is a place that the eye is naturally just drawn to. That's what makes it such a great place to hang a custom piece of pet art.

When choosing your art piece, you'll want to go with something that really matches the room's color and style (unless you're willing to redesign the entire home around the artwork, which some people are!). We think some of the royal pieces are perfect in this situation, as a custom pet painting like The Queen is big and bold enough to grab anyone's attention in a regal, elegant way.

There are a few tips to take into account when it comes to actually hanging your custom pet painting. Make sure that the painting is easily seeable from all seated vantage points in the room. The bottom of the painting is best about three to seven inches from the mantle, which still allows space to put other items, like candles and home decor, in front of it without blocking your pet. Simply hang and center the painting, make sure it's level, and watch all the faces light up when they see how amazing it is.


#2) Your “Man Cave” or “She Shed”

Man caves and she sheds have been getting a lot of attention lately. Many people are just looking for a space where they can get away, enjoy some time to themselves, and pursue hobbies that are important to them (like gaming or embroidery). In today's society, where everything is go-go-go all the time, having a place like this is essential to maintaining good mental health.

Whether you have a man cave or she shed, don't forget to feature a portrait of your pet prominently on the wall. The space is supposed to be all about you, and what is more important to you than your pet? The glory of the space is that you really can do whatever you want with it, including decorating it to fit your wildest dreams. Some people choose to really go all out, decorating it entirely in the "fandom" they love. 

Custom pet paintings fit right into this, too. For the "nerdier" among us, pet paintings can be made featuring your pet in Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Game of Thrones garb. They can also be made showcasing your pet as an ice hockey, football, baseball, or soccer player, if that's more your style. Whatever you choose, it's a great way to own your space while also celebrating your awesome pet. It's a win/win for both of you, and a space you'll likely both spend a lot of time.

If you don't have a man cave or she shed yet and are realizing "yeah, I totally need that," here is a brief tutorial on how to design one. You deserve it.

#3) The Bathroom

Stay with us here. While the bathroom seems like it would be a weird place to picture your sweet, baby angel (maybe just a pet dressed up as an angel), it's also one of the most common rooms that people visit when they come to your home.

This makes it a logical choice to feature your custom pet art. With so many people coming in and out of your bathroom, it's a fun surprise when they get to discover a painting of your pet dressed up in renaissance garb, right? Friends, family, and others will absolutely love it, and your pet will get the attention they so deserve. You may even inspire them to purchase their own custom piece of artwork. 

And who wouldn't want to look at an adorable picture of your pet all dressed up while they're relaxing in the bath? Sounds like heaven.

#4) Your Bedroom

Our bedroom is our sanctuary. It's the place we go when we want some quiet time, to sleep, and to relax. If you think about it, the bedroom is the place we spend the vast majority of our time when we're home (even if a large percentage of that is done in our sleep). This amount of time we spend increases even more if you're one of the many people who have a television in their bedroom, and spend a few hours at the end of the day winding down before finally falling asleep.

Whether or not you're the type who lets their pets on the bed with them, pet art is a great addition to any bedroom. It even fits in with the feng shui concept that a lot of people choose to bring into their living space. Fun pieces of artwork are encouraged, to help lift your "life force energy." And our pets sure are great at that, aren't they? Hang your custom pet art over your bed or over the dresser so that it makes a great focal point and can be enjoyed not only by you but also by your family.

#5) The Office

One last area of your home that can definitely use a piece of custom pet art is your home office. For most people, the time that we spend in our home office is usually time that wouldn't be considered "fun." It's work, bills, stress, and business.

That's why, especially in the office, we think a little bit of fun is important. Why not hang a painting of your dog dressed like an astronaut or as a dog-tor? Remind yourself, even when you're in business mode, that life always has a fun side. We'd recommend positioning it so that you can see it while you work, even if just out of the corner of your eye. It's a great way to honor your pet while allowing them to do what they do best--make you happy and cheer you up. Don't let life make you too serious. It's too short to not have a little fun.


No matter where you decide to hang your custom piece of pet art, the most important thing is that it shows how very much you love your pet. Pets are a gift that we are incredibly lucky to have in our lives, and that constant love and companionship is often just as (if not more) important than the other, human relationships in your life. Celebrate that bond by placing your pet in a place of honor in the home, and enjoy all of the positive comments that artwork will bring! It's a great gift for both you and your pet!