Celebrating Father's Day: 13 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for the Dog Dad in Your Life

Dogs might not speak our language, but if they did, we know they would say “I woof you so much, Dad!” Father’s Day gifts provide the perfect opportunity to show the special and dedicated dog dads in your life just how loved and appreciated they are. Such thoughtful gifts will make them smile and bring joy for many years to come. 

Choose from this fun and thoughtful list of dog dad gifts to help them celebrate the special bond they have all year long.  

Father’s Day presents for dog dads

Gift Idea for the Dog Dad

Fetch toys: Let’s start our list of Father’s Day gift ideas with this: Teaching kids how to toss a ball is a quintessential dad milestone, and dog dads are no exception. Gift a dog dad a fresh set of dog-friendly squeaky tennis balls and a ball thrower to maximize his ball-throwing abilities. Or, if he prefers to coach from a more leisurely sitting position, invest in an automated ball-throwing gadget. 

Build an adventure kit: If your favorite dog dad is an outdoorsy guy, he’s probably already thinking about his next adventure with his best friend. Put together an “adventure kit” of useful things like portable water and food bowls, weatherproof long leads and paw boots for rugged terrain, to make their next adventure even more enjoyable. 

Personalized pet portraits: This could be one of the best Father’s Day gifts. Nothing says love like being able to show the world how proud you are of your children. Help your special dog dad show off his pride and joy when he welcomes visitors with a customized print to adorn his walls. Show extra love by selecting a fun photo style that captures his dog’s unique personality along with a frame that complements his home décor. This also might be a great option for a dad who is coping with pet loss

dog dad gifts

Beach day: No beach day is complete without man’s best buddy to enjoy it with. Take it the extra mile with a customized beach towel with his dog’s face on it, matching sunglasses and a portable dog washer to get rid of sandy fur before hopping back in the car. Don’t forget a ball to play with.

Custom card: For personalized Father’s Day gifts, consider this: Thoughtful dog dad gifts don’t have to cost a ton of money, and often mean more when they are handmade. Create a personalized gift that will be treasured for years to come with a printed paw print on the front and a letter from the dog about all of the reasons they are so lucky to call him dad. Give it an extra fun touch by writing it in the dog’s “pawwriting.”

Naptime: If there’s one thing dads love, it’s their afternoon snooze. Make naptime even better with one of the best Father’s Day presents: a customized blanket with their dog’s face or a favorite picture of the two of them printed on it. Don’t forget to make sure it’s big enough for the two of them to share, because no nap is complete without your dog right next to you. 

Camping dog gear: There is nothing in the world like enjoying the great outdoors with your best friend by your side. Help your favorite dog dad get ready for the next great adventure by making sure the dog is comfortable. Some ideas are a weatherproof washable bed, extra-long lead for freedom around the campsite and a safety collar so they are always visible around the campfire.

Six-pack of beer: Yes, you read that correctly. If your special dog dad enjoys the occasional suds, make his next pint extra special by allowing him to toast with his best friend. Pet companies and some breweries offer novelty dog beer that is completely safe for their canine customers and will pair well with their favorite treat.     

Personalized socks: Fun socks are not only on trend but are a great conversation piece and wardrobe addition for any guy. Amp up his style with personalized socks that have his favorite picture of his dog all over them. Get several pairs in different colors so he has a pair to go with any outfit, and get ready for them to become his favorite accessory. 

Golf-themed gifts: There is nothing like getting out on the green, but unfortunately that means leaving the dog at home. Help your special dog dad stay connected with his pup while he’s working on his game and make him smile with every swing when he brings breed-specific club covers and golf towels to the course. Or, if he already has enough gear, order a personalized hat or golf shirt to outfit him in his love and pride for his best friend. 

Hotel stay: Help your favorite dog dad create unforgettable memories with his best friend with a gift card for a weekend away at a dog-friendly hotel. New dog-friendly hotels are popping up every day, and many offer extra amenities like comfy beds and tasty treats designed to spoil pooches like they deserve. Choose a dog-friendly town where they can visit shops and enjoy al fresco dining with a view. 

Dog dad BBQ apron: If you have a grill master in the house, you probably know that they can never have too many accessories and they are always game for the next cookout. While pups are usually shooed away from the grill, give them both a special treat with an apron that tells the world he’s a proud dog dad. And then look the other way when you “accidentally” drop a burger off your plate. 

Custom dog mugs: Serve Dad’s next cup of Joe with an extra splash of cuteness when he drinks it from a customized coffee mug with his dog’s mug (pun intended) on it. Make it extra special by finding a coffee company that donates a portion of its proceeds to a local dog rescue organization or non-profit that benefits dogs. Pairing these two together will give an extra upgrade to his morning routine. 

personalized father's day gifts

For most dog dads, the extra mile is their normal daily commute, and they deserve to be celebrated properly with dog dad gifts. These are just a few creative and thoughtful gifts to show the love to the pawsome dog dads in your life. 

We hope you found these Father’s Day gift ideas helpful!