Christmas Gifts For Him: How to Make Him Feel Special

Cat playing with a toy

Need a gift for a pet-loving man in your life? 

Whether it’s your dad, your brother, your husband, your boyfriend, or someone else, we all know a guy who is crazy about his pet. There’s something truly special about these guys. They’re full of tenderness and affection for their sweet little furry friends – and often for you, too! The pet-loving man in your life should get a gift this Christmas that makes him feel special, and Crown & Paw is here to help. This handy guide will jump-start your Christmas shopping by giving you 5 great gift ideas, all of which are sure to be a hit.

Guys Who Love Their Pets = The Best 

When a guy loves his pet, it sends a message to the world that he has a big, big heart. When you get to know a man and realize he’s crazy about his dog or cat, it’s an adorable relationship to see. At Crown & Paw, we believe in honoring the special place a pet holds in the heart of its owner by immortalizing the pet in the form of a personalized portrait.

The idea of hanging a portrait of a pet on the wall in your home might sound like a foreign concept to those of you who’ve never had a pet of your own. However, to the man in your life who is crazy about his dog or the guy whose best friend is his cat, there’s no better room decor out there than a beautifully illustrated pet portrait. Pet portraits are the perfect mix of silliness and style. Even the most stiff-necked man can’t resist the adorable face of his beloved pet painted in a regal rennaisance outfit.

And so, without further ado, here are just a few fantastic gift ideas for the man in your life who loves his pet. These gifts are sure to make him feel special, and help him accomplish his mission of showing the world how awesome his pet is – and that’s hard to disagree with.



1. Need Something Small? Grab a Pet-Themed Phone Case! 

With plenty of options to choose from, Crown & Paw’s phone cases will take your guy’s daily carry to the next level. The trusty smartphone is one of the most important items he keeps in his pocket throughout the day, and it’s the perfect platform for him to show off his love for his pet. 

While a phone case with a sweet photo of your guy’s pet on the back would be nice enough, Crown & Paw went the extra mile and came up with a plethora of themed cases that will proudly display a pet’s likeness in a plethora of different settings. Does the recipient of your gift happen to be a big Marvel fan? Crown & Paw has him covered with the “Captain Pawmerica” design – his beloved pooch, but in the form of his favorite superhero. If you’re giving a gift to a dog lover who loves anything related to a certain galaxy far, far away, you’re in luck, too. Turn his pet into a Jedi Master with the “light side” phone case design.” And that’s just a few of the many, many options!

2. Surprise a Pet-Loving Guy With a Fuzzy Blanket 

There’s nothing quite like wrapping yourself up in a fuzzy blanket and sipping a warm drink. There is, however, a way to level up this idyllic wintery image – by giving the gift of a comfy blanket with a beloved pet’s likeness printed on it! 

With a wide array of designs, some goofier, some pop culture themed, and some a bit more refined and regal, you can give a warm, fuzzy blanket as a gift to the pet-loving guy in your life that perfectly matches his personality. Plus, if you’re giving a gift to a guy that has multiple pets, you can go for a design that borrows from an iconic painting. American Gothic? More like American paw-thic! Or, if you want something a little bit more in line with pop culture, grab a blanket that depicts your guy’s pet dressed in the garb of his favorite Hogwarts house – Gryffinpaw, Hufflewoof, Slyfurrin, or Ravenpaw.

3. Give him a portrait of his pet dressed as him 

Two things you can count on your guy being proud of are his job and his trusty pet. If you’re giving a gift to a doctor, you can give him a gift that is sure to make him feel special in the form of a portrait of his pet dressed as an M.D. If he’s a firefighter, a policeman, or serving in the military, you can do the same. Crown & Paw’s pet portraits make for great home decor, and your guy is sure to give his pet’s portrait a prominent place on the wall in his house. 

Crown & Paw’s pet portraits can be printed on a variety of items, not just canvases or posters. You can grab a mug with a pet’s likeness on it, a pillow, or even a smaller standing canvas. There’s plenty of possibilities for a pet-loving guy to spice up his home with a rendition of his pet’s likeness.

4. Don’t Want to Risk Ruining the Surprise? Grab a Gift Card 

One of the best parts of getting a pet’s portrait done for a guy in your life who loves his pet is the amazing accuracy of the artwork. An artist takes the pet’s likeness and perfectly reproduces it as a masterpiece. However, one of the tricky aspects of giving a pet’s portrait as a Christmas gift is the need for a photo of the pet to use as a reference. If you’re really worried about ruining the surprise, a great plan B is to give a Crown & Paw gift card as a Christmas present instead.

A Crown & Paw gift card gives the pet-loving guy in your life an opportunity to pick out a favorite photo of his pet and have it turned into a work of art. If you’re worried that in order to give the best possible portrait you’d have to ask a lot of questions that might give the surprise away, a better option might be letting the recipient of the gift pick the portrait design out himself. 

Giving someone creative freedom with their pet’s portrait is sometimes a better option than trying to pick a design for them, especially when you’re giving a gift to someone you don’t know too well. Plus, gift cards can be special gifts in their own right. You’re giving a pet lover that you love a great present that will be personally meaningful to him, but you’re also letting him choose how he wants to immortalize his pet in portrait form.

No matter what gift you choose, remember that sometimes the best way to a guy’s heart is something that involves his favorite furry friend. Sometimes, even the toughest guys have a big soft spot in their hearts for animals, and that’s always truly sweet to see. So, this holiday season, make the pet lover in your life feel extra special by celebrating the bond between him and his pet! You can’t go wrong with a gift that involves a cute pet, so all that’s left to decide is how you’re going to make the most of all that Crown & Paw has to offer. There’s an abundance of options to choose from for pet portrait designs, and you can’t go wrong!