Gifts for Pet Lovers: What To Get Someone Who Loves Their Furry Friend

Cat playing with the toy

Gifting can be hard. To really find that perfect gift for someone, it’s always recommended to start with what you know they’re really interested in. For the pet lover in your life who is all about their furry friend, purchasing a gift not only for them but also for their pet is often a big hit. We know that more than anyone, because that is one of the main reasons we started creating custom gifts for pet lovers. We’re here to help with gifts specifically for pet lovers, to provide a little inspiration for those giftees in your life who truly do love their furry friend.

Matching Jewelry

For people who feel like their pet really is their furry best friend, matching jewelry for both pet and owner is a fun, unique choice.Many of them were designed to look just like those best friends forever necklaces you likely remember from your childhood. Some are even customizable so that names can be added, if that would be something they would be interested in.

In any case, matching jewelry is the perfect way to honor the special bond that your giftee and their pet has. 

A Comfortable Dog Bed

If you’re at a loss for what to get someone who loves their pet more than they love anyone else (themselves included), don’t get them anything! Sometimes the best gifts in this situation aren’t actually for the owner but for their special pet.

Comfortable dog beds are a great choice for giftees like that. If you’ve noticed that their dog’s bed is getting old or not looking as comfortable as it used to, replace it with one that supports their pet better. They make so many different styles of dog beds, many of them orthopedic, so that you can give them the gift of comfort. For pet owners who absolutely adore their pets, giving a selfless gift like that is exactly the way to go.



A Pet Water Fountain

If you know someone with a pet that can not stay away from the bathroom faucet, consider giving them a pet water fountain!

Pet water fountains encourage dogs and cats to drink more water, which keeps them from getting dehydrated. It’s also fun and may keep them from continually getting up on the counters to look for running water. This means they won’t have to get up and take their pets off the counter in the middle of a movie or a cat nap. They’re also much more hygienic than normal pet water bowls.

A Pet Camera

If you have a pet lover in your life who also happens to deal with anxiety, especially surrounding their pet’s well-being, a pet camera may be able to give them the gift of comfort.

Pet cameras are easily installed in the home, and allow the owner to be able to check up on their furry friend whenever they feel nervous about what they’re doing. Some cameras even dispense treats! 

These pet cameras use the home’s WiFi and an app that the owner will install on their smartphone to let the owner check in whenever they feel the need. Many of them plug into the wall, so they won’t even have to worry about changing any batteries!

A Custom Pet Painting

One of our favorite gifts for any pet lover is a custom pet painting

We love these paintings, not only because we enjoy creating them, but also because they are a gift that people aren’t already likely to have. For a unique gift with “wow” factor, all you need to do is provide us with a high quality photo of their pet and we’ll do the rest! We have plenty of outfits to choose from, from historical to athletic, which means that no matter what your giftee is into there will likely be something that will make their day. And it’s a gift that they can enjoy all year round, for years to come. 

Pet paintings can also be designed as a poster or a standing canvas, if you don’t think that a traditional canvas painting is their thing. The joy any of those options will bring will be endless, and you can almost be assured that no one else will get them one.   

Personalized Comfy Pet Items

Who doesn’t love a comfortable blanket or pillow for those times spent relaxing at home? 

These are always very popular gifts, especially with so much more time being spent at home recently, but cozy gifts are even better when they are personalized with your giftee’s pet. Just upload a close-up picture of their pet’s face, select one of our many outfits, and we’ll create either a custom pillow or a custom blanket that they can snuggle up with for years to come. These gifts are also great for students who are heading off to college, so they can have a cozy piece of home with them no matter how far away they go.

Both are made with ink that was designed not to fade, even with multiple washes, so their personalized pet gift can last as long as possible.

A Doggie DNA Kit

Pet owners who love their pets love them unconditionally. While it doesn’t matter what breed they are, it is definitely fun for them to find out if what they may have been guessing for years is really true!

The only thing that these kits require is a small sample of their dog’s DNA, which they can obtain easily with the included cheek swab. They’ll just send the swab out in the prepaid return envelope and wait for the company to do what they do best. Wisdom Panel screens for more than 350 different dog breeds as well as checking for plenty of different traits and genetic conditions so that the owner can keep their pet healthy and safe as long as possible.

Doggie DNA kits are not only fun, but are also a great way for owners to know what, if anything, they need to watch out for as their pet ages. It’s peace of mind in a prepaid envelope. 



A Pet Selfie Attachment

A final gift, and one of the best stocking stuffers out there, is the gift of a pet selfie attachment. These awesome, creative tech attachments clip right to the top of most any cell phone or tablet, and come with a bright tennis ball that is sure to draw and keep any pet’s attention. By giving their dog something to focus on, your giftee will be able to snap the best selfies possible without having to worry about losing their attention. 

After they’re done taking their selfies, the tennis ball can also be taken off and thrown as a reward to show their pet that they’ve been the best boy or girl. Pet selfie attachments are especially great for younger pet owners, or anyone who spends a lot of time on their phone. If your giftee is someone who posts a ton of blurry selfies on their social media, this is the perfect gift for them.

In Summary

Finding the right gift doesn’t have to be difficult. Hopefully you found inspiration in the gifts we’ve showcased above! Just make sure that you’re putting thought into any gift you give, no matter what the occasion. A gift given with love is the gift that makes the biggest impact, every single time.