From Woofs to Wows: The Ultimate Guide to Gifting for New Dog Owners

So, you have a friend or loved one who has joined the ranks of so many before, that have committed to the Doggy Parenthood Club. And if so, they’re not alone. Approximately 4.1 million shelter animals, including 2 million dogs and 2.1 million cats, find their forever homes each year. And let's not forget the lovable pups that come from caring breeders and other sources! 

If someone dear to you has recently welcomed a furry friend into their life, you likely know the excitement of becoming a pet parent. Now, imagine the joy of helping them celebrate this new family member – their fur baby. 

Join us as we explore the delightful journey of choosing the perfect gifts for new dog owners.

What Makes a Great Gift for a New Dog Owner?

Getting a new pet can feel like drinking from a fire hose. New pet owners often splurge on so many things that they think their pet will need—and rightfully so—as just like babies, pets need a lot of stuff!

From puppy food to beds and blankets to leashes and collars and just about everything in between, new pet owners often look at a hefty price tag, filling their new puppy’s home with everything necessary to help Fido feel like a family member. But what if you are a loving bystander who wants to help your friend or family member celebrate their new furry addition, but walking the aisles of your local pet store feels a bit like “been there, done that” or “they already have that?”

That’s where the art of personalized gifts comes into play. Puppies grow fast, especially in those first eight weeks. And while pet owners are likely to snap photos—a LOT of photos (about 13,200 photos of their pup throughout its lifetime)—most of those photos never make it off the owner’s mobile device.

But what if those photos could be turned into something cool and unique, and memorable? Something that captures the puppy’s adorableness in those early weeks of life after they come home? Crown & Paw is here to help with the best recommendations on gifts for new dog owners.

Wondering What to Buy for a New Puppy Owner?

Wondering what to buy for a new puppy owner who's just set off on the tail-wagging adventure of doggy parenthood? We've got you covered with gifts that go beyond the ordinary. From capturing their pup's personality in mesmerizing watercolors to wrapping them in warmth with customized dog blankets, our guide is a treasure trove of tail-wagging delights. Join us on this journey where each gift is a brushstroke of love, a cozy hug, or a timeless masterpiece that celebrates the unique bond between a pet parent and their fur baby.

1. Watercolor Art

Capture the new puppy’s young spirit and adorable face in a watercolor pet portrait from Crown & Paw. Our team of skilled artists meticulously crafts each framed poster, infusing it with genuine affection for your pet. In just one to two days, you'll receive a sneak peek of the artwork, and we offer unlimited free edits to ensure it perfectly captures your pet's unique personality. 

Ellie- Watercolor Portrait

Our commitment to your satisfaction is unwavering—we'll collaborate with you until your pet's portrait exceeds expectations. Track the entire process, from design to print, and anticipate the joy of welcoming your pet's image into your home. Order now for a gallery-quality tribute to your cherished companion.

2. Warm and Snuggly Blankets 

Warm and snuggly blankets are the gift that keep on giving no matter what time of year it is. And what can possibly make it better than cozy personalized dog blankets that feature none other than the star of the show—your new puppy love!

Within just one to two days of placing your order, you'll have a design ready for your approval. Choose from an array of styles like our bestselling blankets—The Rulers, Step Brothers, The Three Queens, or The General—for a touch of fun and laughter. 

Our fluffy sherpa blankets, made from the softest fleece, guarantee cozy cuddles with your fur baby. Perfect for any living space, dorm room, or bedroom, these fleece blankets, available in 30" x 40", 50" x 60", or 60" x 80", are adorned with your pet's portrait, hand-designed by our talented artists and printed with fade-resistant ink. Get ready for warmth, laughter, and endless snuggles!

3. Master of the Renaissance

Want something to hang on the wall? Why not! Who wouldn’t love seeing the photo of an adorable pup on the wall. And where to hang it? The opportunities are endless. Choose the bathroom over the throne, above the bed, gracing the space over the fireplace, or anywhere in between—we’ve seen it all. And, our renaissance pet portraits are sure to delight whoever walks by or pays a visit.

Check out our collection of bestsellers, including The General, The Admiral, The Princess, and The Ambassador. Select the perfect size ranging from 8" x 10" up to 32" x 48." And if you're looking to frame your furry friend's masterpiece, we've got you covered! Choose from black, white, gold, or silver frames to complement your puppy lover's home decor. 

Dog and owner Renaissance Portrait

Crafted with love by artists who adore pets, our designs feature an ink that stands the test of time, never fading. With pre-attached hooks, hanging is a breeze, showcasing a faithful representation of your beloved pet. Our solid hardwood frames, measuring 1.25" for that gallery standard look, are hand-crafted for enduring quality, all covered by the Crown & Paw guarantee. It's not just pet art; it's a lasting celebration of your furry friend's charm, making it a perfect new puppy gift!

4. Custom Name Tags & Collars

Puppies grow, and fast. Pay a visit to your local pet shop or check online for some small business artisans that can create a fun nametag that includes Fido’s mom or dad’s contact information. And dress it up with some fun collars in various sizes so that the new dog owner is set for the next several months. Keep it stylish and safe while embracing the changing sizes of your furry friend.

5. Doggy dishes and water bowls

Have you seen those fun dog dishes and water bowls that dogs can play with while they eat or drink? You know, the ones that can help them slow down their eating so that they dson’t devour their puppy chow in two gulps? Or how about those water dishes that have the towels or mechanisms attached to keep the pup from getting drool all over the floor after lavishing in a drink of cool water? These gifts are great finds—and our recommendation—add this to a customized gift from Crown & Paw to make sure all your bases are covered.

What to Consider When Seeking the Best Gift For a New Dog Owner

Bringing a new dog home is a significant event in one’s life. Not only is it fun to look into their adoring faces, they can provide us with so many other benefits. From benefits such as the opportunity to get outside, get in a brisk walk, and socialize with pet owners, they are also good for our health!

Despite their antics and the trials and tribulations that come with the first few weeks of pet ownership, these furry creatures can lower our blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides. But most importantly, a new dog or pet can mean years and years of loyal companionship.

So, when purchasing gifts for new dog owners, be sure to consider the amazing bond that will be formed between human and pet. And, consider the following for that new puppy gift:

  • Size Matters: Think about the size of the dog and the living space. Whether it's a cozy blanket or a framed portrait, make sure it fits both the pup and the home.
  • Tail-Wagging Style: Choose gifts that reflect the owner's personality and the pup's unique charm. Whether it's a quirky blanket or a regal portrait, let it be a match made in doggy heaven.
  • Practical Pup Presents: Consider gifts that are not just cute but also useful. A personalized tag or a stylish collar not only looks good but serves a purpose too.
  • Fur-tastic Durability: Opt for quality materials that withstand the wear and tear of a playful pup. From blankets to bowls, ensure the gifts are as resilient as they are adorable.
  • Personal Touch: Whether it's a custom portrait or a tag with contact info, add a personal touch. Make it a gift that tells a story and captures the essence of the new furry family member.
The Sombrero- Pet Blanket

Crown & Paw for the Paw-Fect Win: Fantastic Gifts for Pet Owners

Whether you have brought a new pet into your own home or a new pup has graced the presence of someone you love, it’s certainly cause for celebration and gift-giving. Consider the owner’s preferences and personality, and remember, with a personalized gift from Crown & Paw, you can’t go wrong. 

So if you are looking for the best gift for new dog owner, remember that they will be sure to appreciate the gesture and the effort you put into the perfect gift. And your secret is safe with us—no one else needs to know how easy the process can be! A gift from Crown & Paw is easy and will be sure to delight the recipient for years and years to come.